Civility Solution Case Study

Sprint helps Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office manage critical paperwork for improved efficiency and accuracy, helping field deputies stay connected and up-to-date in real time.

Company background: Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office

  •  Located in Virginia Beach, Va.
  •  Serving 437,000 citizens across 310 square miles
  •  Serves more than 120,000 annual papers
  •  Strongly focused on innovation and effective use of technology
  •  Leader in civil process efficiency


Challenge: Overwhelming paperwork

To serve nearly half a million citizens across a vast geographic area, the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office depends on deputies to perform as efficiently and effectively as possible. The IT Department plays a critical role by continually implementing new technology and innovative solutions to advance these goals. One key challenge the department faced involved the amount of paperwork required whenever deputies served subpoenas or warrants.  Managing such a high volume of forms and other documents was consuming an inordinate amount of deputies' time, and the level of accuracy required made the risk of even minor mistakes a serious concern.


Solution: Tablets and digital documentation

As longstanding clients, the IT Department had worked with Sprint for many years to implement a variety of solutions and determine the best ways to leverage new technology. To address its paperwork problem, Civil Process worked with the Civility Software developer, DaProSystems Inc., to create a customized document management application for their smartphones, which seemed promising but ran slowly and interfered with other applications. The IT Department recommended equipping deputies with the Samsung Galaxy Tab to optimize application performance and partner with Sprint to equip deputies with a versatile, full-featured mobile computing solution. By leveraging aggressive data rate plans, Sprint could help the department implement this upgrade with minimal budget impact.


Bottom line: Efficiency and accuracy 

The department’s initial rollout of 14 tablets had a strong impact almost immediately. The Civility Software application ran much more quickly and smoothly, and the devices’ larger screens and intuitive interface made using the application easier for deputies on the road. In addition, deputies can now use the tablet's built-in cameras and GPS capabilities to supplement standard documentation and easily establish time and location data whenever paperwork is served. The tablets also allow deputies to communicate and share documentation, access department records and systems securely while on patrol and even get directions to incident sites. With an optimized solution, deputies are wasting much less time on paperwork and have virtually eliminated errors due to manual data entry and document management.
Thrilled with the results of the tablet solution after just two months, the IT Department plans to expand it to more deputies, as well as pilot a new location-tracking application to enhance deputy safety. Continuing a proven partnership, the department is also exploring a variety of new Sprint solutions, including digital signage for the jail. Whatever challenges the future presents, with dependable support from Sprint, the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office will be ready to answer the call. 

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